Vacuum Therapy

Delfin BBL

The Copas Delfin is the premier Vacuum Therapy machine. We have perfected the art of lifting and adding fat to the butt! This is a 100% holistic approach to the typical BBL. We can remove fat from legs, lower back, and the banana roll right under the booty to smooth out dimples, add fat to flat spots, and to lift the butt in general giving you a more rounded and smooth appearance!

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Amazing Results

Client Testimonial

“I’ve been trying out vacuum therapy for 15 days now, and I can actually see that my cellulite is disappearing and my butt is starting to lift! I’m very happy, the result on me is surprising… because I’ve been hitting the gym three times a week for years and I couldn’t get rid of this cellulite. Finally, my skin is much smoother and the bulge of my butt is magnificent! What more can I say? Should I have known that the result was this amazing I would have started long ago. Besides being effective, the procedure is painless, it’s a very relaxing moment. Once done, you feel confident and especially beautiful.”

Marlene B.

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