The triLift procedure is a multi-step process designed to produce a rejuvenated, lifted appearance for the face. This treatment approach encompasses three key elements for comprehensive skin care:
1) Healthy muscle conditioning, skin revitalization, and internal rejuvenation. The procedure begins with the use of DMSt technology to tone and firm the facial muscles.

2) Followed by TriPollar® RF to heat the skin and stimulate collagen production.

3) The final step is the application of triFX RF microneedling, which helps to resurface the skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Through these three stages, triLift provides a holistic approach to improving skin health, resulting in a youthful, refreshed appearance.

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Dynamic Muscle Stimulation (DMSt), leading to lifting and toning of muscles

If you’re looking for a non-invasive way to tone your muscles, reduce wrinkles, and smooth your skin, then DMSt treatment may be the solution for you. With this technology, you can achieve a lifted, toned look that’s similar to a face lift.

DMSt treatment uses electrical stimulation to activate the muscles in your face and body, causing them to expand and contract, just like they do when you make facial expressions naturally. This helps to define and tone your muscles, leading to a more youthful appearance.

The triLift platform is the perfect tool for DMSt treatment, featuring three different applicators that vary in size to accommodate small, medium, and large treatment areas. With this platform, you can easily target specific areas of your face and body, achieving the results you desire.

Experience the benefits of DMSt treatment for yourself and enjoy a more youthful, toned appearance without the need for invasive procedures.

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Dynamic Muscle Stimulation (DMSt)

As our bodies age, muscles begin to look flabby it can start as early as our 30s, most people see the biggest muscle loss between their 40s and 50s.
DMSt muscle stimulation, leading to lifting and toning of muscles. The technology works by stimulating different muscles on the face and body with electrical stimulation that is generated by an external source. This stimulation causes the muscles to expand and contract, very similarly to the way they are used to generate facial expressions naturally.

TriPollar® RF

3 or more electrodes inducing focused RF heating


High energy density – Immediate results visible from the 1st treatment and clinically proven long-lasting results 6-8 months * before touch up and maintenance treatments. Focused RF leads to collagen remodeling and skin tightening with the increase of natural dermal volume.
triLift platform enables RF treatment with 3 different applicators that differ in size to facilitate small medium and large treatment areas.


Smooth RF assist ablation of ultra-thin electrodes


With aging, the outer skin layer (epidermis) thins.
triFX Increase natural volume and resurfaces the skin to evens out the texture of the epidermal layer with by emitting RF energy to the tissue to create thermal effect leading to a wound healing process for skin resurfacing and regeneration.

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