Permanent Makeup Training

3 Day  Fundamental Ombre Shading Brow Class


4 Day Ombre Brow & NanoStrokes Digital Microblading Class


2 Day Eyeliner Class


2 Day Lip Blush Class


1 Day Advanced  Color Theory and Correction Class

Class offered on a quarterly basis!

Body Sculpting

Do you want to add services to your existing service menu or start a new career and change people's lives at the same time? If so, body sculpting may be right for you and your business!


Join us for a comprehensive course created  for beginners to this industry. Learn the science behind what makes these treatments effective, strategies for customized results, comprehensive client consultation and treatment planning, and business coaching to aid you in your new business.

What techniques are covered?

Ultrasound Cavitation

Wood Therapy

Laser Lipo


Body Wrapping

Butt Lifting

Radio Frequency

This THREE DAY class will allow you to treat classmates and multiple models. Get hands-on with all the devices and learn what feels comfortable to you.

Devices are available for purchasing at the end of the class.

3 Day class


$500 non-refundable deposit required for registration

Model Registration

If you would like to be considered as a model for any of our classes or during our continuing education classes with our current team, please fill out the registration form below. Thank you!


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