In-House Payment Plans

We are proud to offer a flexible payment option for our clients who are completing a Beauty Goal Treatment plan or who will be seeing us for multiple services over time. This allows us to help you achieve all of your goals while conveniently spreading out your fees and creating a plan that works for your budget and lifestyle.

Here's How It Works

  • No financing fees or interest!

  • Treatments on this plan can be mixed and matched with different service providers

  • Set up a Beauty Goal Consultation and create a plan

  • $850 minimum to set up an in-office payment plan (for example- Brows and Eyeliner, or Acne Scarring treatments and Lip Blushing, or Holistic Butt Lift sessions)

  • 25% down payment is due at the time of completing paperwork

  • Schedule all reservations associated with your individual plan and have a clear path of treatment

  •  Proof of employment, photo ID and 2 forms of payment are required

  • Payments will be deducted automatically on a weekly, or  bi-weekly basis

  • Length of payment term depends on length of treatment

  • We will create an individualized payment plan based on the time frame of completing your services