Body Sculp

Fat Reduction

We offer numerous different treatments to help you in your fat reduction journey. In some cases, diet and exercise is just not enough to remove certain stubborn pockets of fat. Here at Beauty by Kitten we offer a range of treatments performed by our SculptKing to help with cellulite and fat reduction.

Some of our Cellulite and Fat Reducing procedures include

  • Cellulite Destruction Therapy – we use Venus RF Technology as well as the Delfin Vacuum therapy machine  to heat up cellulite and then reduce the bumpy texture, or remove it from the body all together.
  • Delfin BBL – this is a premier Vacuum Therapy machine that lifts the fat and adds it to the butt.
  • Muscle Sculpt – builds and strengthens muscle and improves tone in the abdomen, buttocks, thighs, calves, flanks and arms, reducing the appearance of fat.
  • Combo! BBL & Cellulite – combine our cellulite services with our BBL for cellulite and fat reduction. But add them to the butt to enhance and perfect the size and shape.
  • And More…
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