Permanent Makeup


We are so happy to offer our clients flexibility and customization to a permanent eye enhancement. Customization is key to making your eyes shine! From Petite Liners, to Wings; Smoky style Eyeliner to Natural Enhancements, make your eye color POP with a custom tailored look and color to suit your goals and desires.

All of our eyeliner services are customized based on the eye shape of each individual client. One size/shape does not fit all. Some clients will not be good candidates for Winged eyeliner styles. If you are unsure which technique is best for you, please reach out to us and send a photo of your eyes with, or without, makeup on. Kitten will consult you individually and discuss pro’s and con’s of each style we offer.

If you know you would like to have your eyeliner designed by Kitten, but you’re not used to doing it or don’t know what would look best to suit your facial features, let’s set up a consultation. All of Kitten’s custom work begins with sitting down together, getting to know you and what you do or do not like, and making your eyeliner dreams a reality

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Here is how we book eyeliner services…

Standard Eyeliner and Petite Liners: If you are interested in a standard eyeliner or a petite lash line enhancement with no wing, come see one of our artists to discuss your options or click below to book a service for those liners.

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Custom Eyeliner: If you are looking for thick eyeliner, a wing, anything with shadows or colors, then look no further. Kitten takes great pride in being one of the most advanced and highly educated eyeliner artists in the state of Florida! Her techniques are unique and artistic.

All eyeliners other than your standard and petite liners are scheduled by consultation only. Take some time to sit with Kitten and go through pictures and makeup styles you like. Plan a technique to accentuate and brighten your eyes. Play with colors to see what will compliment your eye color. And most importantly, make sure your skin is suitable for this type of a procedure to ensure high quality, long term results.

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Procedure Information

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Does the procedure hurt?

We pre-numb before the procedure and also numb during the procedure to keep you 100% comfortable the whole time! Eyeliner is a little more “uncomfortable” because of stretch and pressure on the eye, but not painful. 

How long is the healing process? 

Healing time is about a week. Other than washing them properly, you healing process is quite simple. Chlorine, salt water, sweat, sun exposure and mascara are a big no-no during your healing process! 

Will I be able to drive home? 

Yes! Your eyes might feel a little “sleepy” after the procedure, but you will be able to drive home safely! 

Will I be swollen? 

Yes. swelling will typically last about 2-3 days! Day 2 is normally the worst day for swelling. 

We recommend taking ibuprofen, icing the eyes, and sleeping elevated to relieve that swelling. 

How long will it last?

Eyeliner can last anywhere from 2-4 years to 8+ years! We have pigments for everyone depending on your goals! 

Do you only do black eyeliner?

Absolutely not! We have other colors like brown, blue, teal, grey, and purple! 

Do I have to keep coming back for touch ups? 

We recommend coming back for color refreshers. Color refreshers can vary in time based on every client. Clients typically come in every 1-2 years for a refresh.

Is there anything I should avoid before my procedure?

Yes. You must avoid using any lash growth serums for 8 weeks prior to your tattooing. This can cause bleeding, excess swelling, bruising, migration of color under the skin, and poor skin quality. You must also have no Eyelash Extensions at the time of tattooing. Please have them professionally removed 1 week before your visit.

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